Books for the Practical Historian

"In the middle of the silence in a writer's house lies an invalid: the book being worked on." Richard Eder

"Sir, the fact that a book is in the public library brings no comfort. Books are the one element in which I am personally and nakedly acquisitive. If it weren't for the law I would steal them. If it weren't for my purse I would buy them." Anonymous (if anyone knows who said this, please write us. We hate using quotes without knowing who we're quoting.)

More copies of An Early Meal arrived this afternoon (Thursday). Order away!

We are having an odd problem: about a third of our customers are getting a "security error" upon checking out. We know about the problem, we have written technical support, and we hope the problem will soon be rectified. In the meantime, place orders, and if you can't, send them via the USPS, or email, or carrier pigeon.

We should note that in our office we get the Security Exception while using Mozilla Firefox; using Google's Chrome, everything works perfectly.


Postage to non-U.S. addresses:

We wish to strongly reiterate: all orders to addresses outside of the United States will require additional postage. We have not yet figured out how to persuade the store's software to put those addresses into a special category that sidesteps U.S. postage. If you live elsewhere, we will send you an email with the additional charges, and offer you the choice to ante up or cancel; if you choose to cancel, your payment will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

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